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  • Hugo Walker

AI and machine learning in the F&B industry

It feels as if the sky’s the limit for AI’s capabilities and its applications right now. In his new article for Food Manufacture, Marcel Koks, the food industry strategy leader at Infor, explores the possibilities of AI in the F&B industry:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: AI can be used as a means to improve operational efficiency in food manufacturing processes.

  2. Product quality: AI can contribute to enhancing product quality through advanced data analysis and optimization.

  3. Predictive maintenance: AI can analyse data and detect patterns, helping to prevent equipment failures and reduce downtime.

Machine learning is already embedded within the industry — with firms such as Nutreco, Amalthea and Zeelandia harnessing the power of AI to increase yields and drastically cut inefficiencies. For instance, Nutreco — the aquaculture animal nutrition company — has enhanced its production cycles and bred healthier shrimps, all while reducing feed by 30%.

However exciting AI is for the industry, we should not see AI and machine learning as a total replacement for human expertise. When we combine human expertise with AI, we can harness machine learning’s potential within the ethical frameworks and strategic vision that only people can conjure up.

Read the full article from Food Manufacture here.


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