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  • Hugo Walker

Around Noon acquires The Soho Sandwich Company

Around Noon, the Newry-based food manufacturer, has acquired the Soho Sandwich Company as part of its drive to scale up its Food to Go specialism.

The Soho Sandwich Company was established in 2000 in North London after the founder was inspired by the deli culture of New York City. In the 23 years it has been operating, Soho has established a reputation in the Food to Go industry for providing gourmet handmade sandwiches alongside stellar service to its buyers.

The acquisition will add a production facility, a valuable book of clients, and 300 employees to Around Noon. Meanwhile, the Soho Sandwich Company will maintain its own brand and autonomy under existing Managing Director Daniel Silverston.

He said: "Around Noon is in our view one of the most innovative and exciting FTG companies in the UK. The opportunity to become part of the Around Noon Group is a huge win for our business. There are great synergies in terms of ambition and culture and the move is extremely beneficial, for our team and our customers."

The deal is part of Around Noon’s long term strategy to become a £100m firm, following on from a number of previous acquisitions such as its purchase of Simply Fit Food in 2020.

Around Noon CEO, Gareth Chambers, commented with optimism about the deal: "We’ve been admirers of The Soho Sandwich Company for some time. The business has a strong reputation for quality, excellence and innovation. This represents a fantastic opportunity for all involved due to the incredible alignment in terms of our values and core purpose."


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