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  • Hugo Walker

Digitalisation and sustainability in the British bakery industry

British Baker explores the importance of digitalisation for fostering sustainability in the UK bakery industry in a new article about ESG objectives in the bakery industry. A report from TraceGains found that most F&B businesses understand the importance of excelling in environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) objectives, but that many firms face barriers, whether internal or external, to realising ESG goals.

One example that the TraceGains report flagged was that bakeries often used informal methods to choose their suppliers rather than a data-driven selection process - in fact, 42% of respondents confirmed this. Word-of-mouth conversations and relying on suppliers’ claims are two of the most prevalent approaches to selecting suppliers in the bakery industry, whereas a formal, data-informed approach to choosing suppliers could drive down costs and waste.

Sustainability and digitalisation go hand in hand. Specifically for the bakery industry, data-driven decisions can help bakeries streamline ingredient sourcing, decrease transport costs and emissions on the distribution side of things, and reduce packaging.

Read the full article on British Baker here.


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