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  • Hugo Walker

Jay-Z invests in vegan cheese brand

Misha’s Kind Foods, a Californian firm producing plant-based cheese, has had a kick-start thanks to the investment of Jay-Z. The vegan startup has raised $3m in its seed investment round, with significant funds from Marcy Venture Partners (MVP), Jay-Z’s firm.

Misha’s Kind Foods produces cashew and almond milk-based cheese spreads in eight different flavours, including Ricotta, Black Truffle and Smoked Cheddar. The products are produced in a similar way to traditional cheese, except plant-based milk is used instead of dairy, differing from other plant-based competitors with core ingredients of soy and oil. The start-up was founded in 2018 and is headed up by Ian Martin and Aaron Bullock.

Aaron Bullock, Misha’s Kind Foods co-founder, said: “These investors, and their enthusiasm, not only confirm the quality and excellence of our artisan cheeses, but they also align with our long-term vision and mission. We are here to serve the large community of cheese lovers, plant-based and not. Everything we make is kind to your body, kind to the planet, and kind to your wallet.

I’m confident having these investors at the table will be vital to the future growth of the company as they bring valuable cultural instincts, branding knowledge as well as operations and growth expertise.”

Jay-Z’s investment is consistent with his previous support of pioneering vegan brands such as Impossible Foods and Oatly. MVP co-founder Jay Brown said: “The mission of Misha’s directly aligns with our values. When we first discovered Misha’s we found some immediate synergies. We embrace companies that value sustainability, empowerment, inclusivity, accessibility, convenience, health and wellness, and personal expression.”

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