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  • Hugo Walker

JJ Foodservice introduces own-brand website as inflation impacts consumer preferences

JJ Foodservice, the UK food wholesale giant, has introduced an affordable shopping website consisting of its own-brand products. Over 500 own-brand products, including cleaning products and packaging, aside from food and drinks, are available on the website.

Historically, JJ Foodservice has sold primarily branded products. However, in the wake of the retailer’s own-brand products’ impressive performance in the financial year ending March 2022, where sales increased by 20%, JJ Foodservice seems to be pivoting to a greater reliance on its own products. Now, almost a third of the wholesaler’s revenue is from its own-brand products.

This development comes as the UK experienced the highest inflation since 1982 this July. In the anticipation of soaring prices, consumers will be cutting down on spending by turning to the cheapest products. By sourcing ingredients directly, JJ Foodservice can skip the middleman in order to keep costs low for consumers during otherwise booming inflation.

"We want to make it easier for our customers to find affordable, high-quality options against a backdrop of continuous price rises," commented Sezer Ozkul, chief product officer.

"Our customers are recognising the savings they can make by shopping own-brand. We are proud to be able to work with many of the world’s leading brands together with our own brands to be able to offer our customers a great choice."

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