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  • Hugo Walker

JJ Foodservice offers collection incentives in midst of HGV shortage

JJ Foodservice, a Bristol-based wholesale store, has launched a new incentive scheme to encourage customers to collect their orders. In the wake of the national shortage of HGV drivers, JJ Foodservice is attempting to reduce the pressure on their existing drivers. The scheme offers a 30% discount on orders of 5 or more items that will be collected from the wholesaler by the customer.

Chief Product Officer, Sezer Ozkul, commented: “With the nation currently short on HGV drivers and new customers coming to us weekly, we need to make sure we have the support in place to maintain our high service levels.”

Other supermarkets, such as Tesco, are taking alternative measures such as offering a £1,000 signing fee for new HGV drivers in a bid to increase their driving workforce.


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