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  • Hugo Walker

Kraft Heinz to adopt Google technology and digitisation

Giants Kraft Heinz and Google have partnered up to progress with company-wide digital transformation. The multinational food producer will be using Google’s technology, such as the Google Cloud, machine learning software and Google Ads marketing to enhance their food production systems.

  • Google Cloud. Kraft Heinz intends to use Google Cloud to compile customer data that will contribute to the product development process. Analysing customer data will help Kraft Heinz ascertain which products will be popular.

  • Google Ads. Using marketing technology through Google Ads intends to reach a larger audience, and reach its current customer base more frequently and meaningfully.

  • Machine learning software. Improving algorithms and statistical modelling will help Kraft Heinz automate their product development processes and personalize ads.

This comes in the wake of Google Ads’ announcement of three priorities: automation, measurement and privacy.

Sanjiv Fajiwala, Chief Growth Officer for Kraft Heinz North America, commented: “Working with Google, we’re building world-class digital capabilities and proprietary, privacy-centric data systems that will help consumers connect with our iconic Kraft Heinz brands on a whole new level through personalized offers and interactions.

At the same time, we also expect to fast-track our innovation agenda by tapping into Google-powered insights around trending food conversations, shopping behaviours, and consumer demands – this is the future of food.”

The partnership is part of Kraft Heinz’s latest initiative to use digitisation and scale to improve agility.


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