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  • Hugo Walker

Move online with Mezze

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Mezze is now ready for you to take B2B orders and deal with your trade customers entirely online.

Using the innovative platform’s powerful ordering and self-serve features, you can provide a better all-round experience for your customers, remove internal customer service burden and finally end telephone and fax ordering!

Designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry, Mezze is already trusted by some of the UK's largest food companies, including Samworth Brothers, On A Roll Sandwich Company and Real Wrap Co.

Mezze helps your business solve these common problems:

Expensive customer service dept

Mezze massively reduces the burden on CS by allowing customers to order and self-serve

Time-consuming for customers

Mezze provides a convenient grocery shopping experience for your customers on any device

Dated ERP system & ordering software

Mezze is an add-on that rejuvenates and innovates your existing systems

Frequent user-error

Mezze automates processes and removes the human factor

Difficult to scale or innovate

Mezze provides a platform for you to rapidly scale the operation and explore new opportunities

Poor marketing channels

Driving sales growth through promotions, product awareness etc.

Customer feedback:

For more information or to request a free trial, get in touch.

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