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  • Hugo Walker

Net Zero Food: automation and sustainability

The Net Zero Food Manufacturing event is set to discuss state-of-the-art technology and how it can dramatically reduce energy consumption within food production. The event is in line with the Food & Drink Federation’s 2021 target to achieve net zero emissions within the food industry by 2040.

The event will take place at the University of Lincoln on 16th June, led by a panel of experts in food production, robotics, AI and energy consumption. Among them include Harry Norman, who is the principal of OAL, the engineering company which helps food manufacturers implement automation.

The experts behind the Net Zero Food event believe that energy usage can be cut by up to 80% in food factories, if the right technology is used in the right way.

Dr Wayne Martindale, the University of Lincoln’s Food Insights and Sustainability specialist, and one of the panel experts, commented: “If you can build sustainability in the new product development process or the manufacturing process, that sustainability stays in that supply chain. And if the quality of the product meets the consumer expectation it is less likely that they will waste that food. Good design creates good behaviour and less waste. We need to work with companies like OAL as they integrate technologies into processes.”


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