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  • Hugo Walker

Spotlight on the Baking Industry Awards 2023

In early November, the creme-de-la-creme of the bakery industry flocked to the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London for the British Bakery Awards 2023. An array of prizes were up for grabs, with awards focusing on a range of achievements, from the Best Baker award to accolades for developments in sustainability and online business practices.

"These awards recognise the best and brightest that the baking industry has to offer, from skilled artisans to industrial manufacturers and nationwide retailers," Amy North, British Baker editor, commented.

"All of our winners demonstrate passion and enthusiasm in abundance as they represent the industry’s continued commitment to supplying the nation with top-notch products from hearty staples to indulgent treats. We’ve also seen a significant increase in sustainability commitments across the board, meaning these products are better for the planet as well."

Spotlight: Sustainability Initiative of the Year award

A competitive shortlisting for the Sustainability Initiative award saw Wildfarmed take the crown. Wildfarmed is an end-to-end supply chain providing pesticide-free flour to industry leaders such as Franco Manco and M&S, through the use of regenerative farming methods which promote soil-health.

Meanwhile, Oggs’ patented Aquafaba made for a promising runner-up. The vegan and environmentally-friendly egg replacement product has been making waves — both in the bakery industry as a core ingredient in mass manufactured goods, where Oggs Aquafaba can be bought as a 1,000-litre Pallecon (the equivalent to 20,000 eggs), and in retailers, where you can find a 200ml carton (the equivalent to 4 eggs) in Holland & Barrett or Ocado.

Spotlight: Online Bakery Business of the Year award

Ocado took home the Online Bakery Business of the Year award, praised for its range, value for money and the seamless logistics involved with its well-respected delivery service model. Finalist Lottie Shaw’s, a family-owned business based in West Yorkshire, which extended its offering online in 2019 (very prescient timing given the digitisation of business during the pandemic) gave the big shots a run for their money and showed that smaller businesses can effectively harness digitalisation.

You can see all the winners of the 2023 awards here.

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