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  • Hugo Walker

The benefits of connecting your ERP to an eCommerce & CS portal

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

So you're already using Mezze Seedless and now you're wondering what the benefits are of hooking up an ERP. Or, perhaps you have an ERP and you're interested in unlocking its full potential with an eCommerce and Customer Service portal?

Here is an overview of the key benefits of connecting Mezze to your ERP.


This is the big one and it overlaps with everything else on the list. Essentially, Mezze can talk to your ERP and massively reduce the amount of human intervention required to receive orders and manage client relationships.

No manual processing of orders

With Mezze, orders come straight into your ERP, according to the rules you set up. This means no more juggling of large Excel files and no more human error!

Single source of truth

Mezze can pull information about your products, orders, prices, customers, users and delivery points straight from the ERP. This means you only need to manage the data in a single location.

Error handling

Even when things go wrong, you won't need a Customer Service agent to get involved.

Thanks to Mezze's sophisticated error handling features, all kinds of problems with orders, products and customers can be handled automatically. Both the customer and CS agents can be notified of the error and the resolution.

Customer Service tools

Mezze's intuitive tools speed up the workflow for Customer Service agents. Quickly review and change orders, errors and standing orders on behalf of your customers. Mezze even automatically adds notes to orders so that agents can quickly get up to speed with the account’s history.

Self-serve tools

The deeper the integration, the more customers can do themselves, without needing a Customer Service agent to help out. Mezze can provide invoices, traceability, QC, Allergens and any other paperwork though its Customer-facing portal.

Status updates

It's useful for both customers and CS staff to be able to see where an order is within your business’ pipeline.

Once an ERP is integrated, all users will be able to see what ‘status’ the order has (accepted, picking, out for delivery, errored, etc.) however complex your process.

As you can see, Mezze can massively reduce the Customer Services Burden, freeing team members up for other tasks and improving your customer relationships.

Get started today with a free trial.


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