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  • Hugo Walker

The Cloud: Powering a new approach to Digital Transformation in Food Manufacturing

The cloud offers multiple key benefits that make it the ideal path for moving away from paper and legacy systems. These include:

  • Rapid deployment and scalability: As mentioned above, cloud solutions are quick and easy to deploy, without disrupting operations. There is no hardware or infrastructure to set up, and many solutions offer out-of-the-box configuration. All food manufacturers need is a SaaS subscription and a device with an internet browser to start solving problems fast. The cloud also makes it easy to increase or decrease the size of implementations as needed to meet evolving business needs.

  • Reduced IT costs and labour: SaaS-based cloud solutions reduce both upfront and long-term costs—breaking down one of the biggest barriers for digital initiatives. SaaS licensing models mean companies can pay for only what they need, rather than requiring huge upfront investments. On top of that, system management and maintenance are handled by the SaaS vendor. This frees up internal IT resources and minimizes IT support costs.

  • Immediate access to innovation: Cloud-based tools are regularly updated and enhanced, ensuring that the latest and greatest version is always available to users. Updates happen seamlessly and automatically, so companies don’t have to worry about upgrading or replacing systems as technology evolves in the future.

Read the full article by Jason Chester at Food Industry Executive here.


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