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  • Hugo Walker

Unbrands to launch as platform for indie F&B brands

"I’m building a marketplace for brands that are basically unknown"

A new order platform aimed at showcasing and promoting small food and beverage brands is being launched by Justin Hodnett.

Unbrands will stock an initial 30 indie brands - including fresh and ambient food, as well as beverages. Initially, the plan is that sellers will be notified when their products will be purchased and will be in charge of the delivery and distribution themselves - a similar business model to Etsy or eBay. However, if demand is sufficient, Mr Hodnett envisages opening a warehouse in the coming years to centralise distribution.

Eventually, Mr Hodnett wants to open his own high street convenience stores in the northwest - with the indie brands from Unbrands as the core products. His long-term goal is to open 100 stores by 2033.

"I’m building a marketplace for brands that are basically unknown," Mr Hodnett said. "So, for those who are still homegrown, still working from the kitchen table or struggling to get into retailers."


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