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  • Hugo Walker

Waitrose partners with FareShare for more accessible healthy meals

Waitrose has made a new step with its partnership with FareShare, by connecting the food redistribution charity to £100,000 worth of food from some of Waitrose’s key fresh food partners such as PrimaFruit and Produce World.

The new partnership is part of FareShare’s drive to distribute more fresh and healthy food. While food banks and other food redistribution projects often focus on non-perishables such as tins and dried food for ease of storage and distribution, there is a growing need to provide fresh, healthy produce.

The Food Foundation’s recent Broken Plate report vividly illustrates how healthy food is becoming more and more inaccessible as the cost of living crisis squeezes consumers, and inflationary pressure concentrates on fresh produce. The report found that the most deprived fifth of the British population would have to spend over half of their disposable income on food to meet the Government-recommended healthy diet.

FareShare aims to reduce food insecurity by providing healthy meals for people on low incomes.

Waitrose and FareShare have shared a meaningful partnership since 2017. As Lindsey Crompton, the social impact and health lead at Waitrose and John Lewis Partnerships, commented:

"We have a long-standing partnership with FareShare and their selfless volunteers. We have worked together to divert food, donate funds and share skills with those who need it, up and down the country. Everyone has the right to good, nutritious food, the need for which extends beyond school term time."

As the school summer holidays start, many parents are left with worries about how to feed their children consistently without the support of free school meals, as well as the additional cost of childcare and kids' entertainment. The money that Waitrose donates will assist families through the six-week holidays.

"Right now many people are struggling to feed themselves and their families, so we want to help ease the pressure for those who risk going hungry this summer by working in partnership with FareShare and some of our key suppliers."

Waitrose has also doubled its annual donation to The Trussell Trust — the long-standing food ban charity — to £540,000.


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