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  • Hugo Walker

What is 'Mezze Seedless'?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Mezze is a comprehensive solution for automating sales and enabling your customers to self-serve, specifically for the food manufacturing industry.

Mezze Seedless is a scaled-back version which provides a no-brainer option for you to start taking orders online, with very little setup.

No ERP connection required

Mezze Seedless runs without a connection to an ERP. Maybe you don't have an ERP yet or perhaps your existing legacy ERP setup is preventing you from transforming your business in a positive way.

Seedless gives you a fresh start. You can always connect an ERP in the future if you want to gain the full benefits of Mezze.

Lower cost

Mezze Seedless has a lower license cost and so it's even more affordable for smaller businesses.

Plus, we offer a free tier, so you can test out the features and functionality without any risk or commitment.

Simpler setup

Mezze Seedless works "out of the box" without an ERP. This means you can be up and running, taking orders from customers, within just a few days.

eCommerce features

Seedless has lots of fantastic Customer-focused features designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry.

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Delivery Points

  • Cut-off & Lead times management

  • Card Payments

  • Product supersession & seasonality

  • Product / Customer / Delivery Point import

  • Order export

  • Error handling

  • Customer onboarding materials

  • Delivery day management

  • Price Lists by date

  • Pricing Tiers

Customer service features

  • Free up Customer Service Resources

  • Bulk order handling

  • Reporting and Live Data View

  • Manage customer accounts

A step in the right direction

If you're still taking orders by phone fax and email, Mezze Seedless helps move your business in the right direction, even if implementing a full ERP system seems like a long way off!

Both your Customers and your Customer Services team will be able to appreciate the improvements that Mezze Seedless brings to your sales pipeline, even without an ERP connection.

Free Trial?

Get in touch to try out Mezze Seedless for your business.

If you're ready to integrate your ERP then let's talk about the full version of Mezze.


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