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  • Hugo Walker

How technology is making flour production healthier and more sustainable

Andrew Tindall, patent attorney at Potter Clarkson, discusses flour production with British Baker in a recent article. Flour is an absolute staple ingredient in our diets, yet its production is facing challenges.

The article discusses:

  • The impact of climate change, particularly drought and rainfall challenges, on the production of flour.

  • The difficulty of implementing genetics and genomics in wheat to create drought resistance due to its complex genetics.

  • TraitSeq, the leading institution in Norwich, which uses AI to model complicated agricultural traits and find solutions.

  • Regenerative practices such as pasture cropping - an ancient practice that can be “supercharged” in a modern context, as exemplified by leading sustainable flour farmers Wildfarmed.

  • Creating biofungicides and biofertilisers by harnessing soil microbes. 

You can read the full article on British Baker here.


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