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  • Hugo Walker

Simply Lunch selects Mezze to modernise systems and provide a better experience for their customers

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Bristol, UK, January 4, 2022 — Today, Mezze, an innovative ordering platform designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry, announced a partnership with Simply Lunch, one of the UK’s fastest-growing Food to Go manufacturers. The forward-thinking company chose Mezze for its transformative feature set that provides an online grocery shopping experience for customers of food manufacturers.

Based in south London, Simply Lunch supplies its customers with handcrafted food products such as sandwiches, wraps, salads and snacking pots. In selecting Mezze, the Food to Go and hospitality company has taken the step to modernise its systems and provide a better experience for its customers. Implementing Mezze’s powerful platform will also help Simply Lunch increase efficiency and improve their already dedicated customer service.

“At Simply Lunch, we are extremely excited about our partnership with Mezze and in bringing to market a leading online customer portal for our clients. We continue to look at ways of enhancing our customer experience and with the guidance and expertise of the Mezze team we have found the partner that will revolutionise our customer experience in the coming years through innovative digitalisation projects and initiatives.” — Martyna Onysk, Head of Customer Experience, Simply Lunch

Mezze’s purpose-built solution delivers a wide range of features in a secure environment, to accommodate the complex world of food manufacturing. These features include cut-off management, order visibility, product supersession/seasonality, and date-led ordering to name a few. This software functionality will help Simply Lunch manage its customer-focused operation and continued growth.

"We're thrilled to partner with Simply Lunch, one of the most exciting Food to Go brands in the UK and a company that shares our outlook on innovation and the value of automation. We believe Simply Lunch’s commitment will further strengthen Mezze as the market leader in food industry-specific Ordering & CS platforms." — Simon Bos, Founder, Mezze

Contact Mezze today to learn more about how your food manufacturing business can utilise cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and customer service.

About Simply Lunch

Simply Lunch is a family-owned fresh Food to Go business that has been established for over 30 years. They produce high-quality ready-to-eat products for the FTG market and their mission is simple:

Our team is passionate about creating handcrafted food products in the UK. We will deliver this through high manufacturing standards, innovation and by building long term valued partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

About Mezze

Mezze is a new B2B software platform designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry, already trusted by some of the UK's leading food companies, including Samworth Brothers. Using its powerful ordering and self-serve features, you can provide a better all-round experience for your customers, remove the customer service burden and finally end telephone and fax ordering.


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