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  • Hugo Walker

What makes Mezze specific to Food Manufacturing?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Mezze was designed from the ground up, specifically for the unique needs of the food manufacturing industry.

You may be interested to know more about some of the features that you won't find in a generic ordering platform.

‘Date-led’ ordering

In consumer B2C ordering, a customer selects products and the ordering platform will inform them of the date of delivery.

But due to reasons like short product shelf life and variable lead times, B2C food ordering is often 'Date-led'. In Mezze, B2B food customers start with the date they need their delivery and then select the products they require to restock.

Mezze further supports this industry-specific process by only presenting products with appropriate lead times for the chosen delivery date.

Lead times and delivery dates can have different rules for products and delivery points, allowing for some complex business logic.

Cut-off time and lead time management

If you're in Food-to-Go then you almost certainly deal with cut-off times. Mezze helps the customer understand and work within your cut-off rules, reducing the amount of Customer Service time required.

Some of our clients are grateful to finally strictly enforce the cut-off rules!

Standing orders and lists

Recurring orders and shopping lists are useful for customers that know what they will need well in advance. Of course, Standing Orders exist on other eCommerce platforms, but Mezze allows individual orders to be edited by the customer (up until cut-off time) without affecting the original Standing Order.

In addition, Mezze can also replace products on (e.g. supersessions or temporary product replacements) according to rules that you can define. Again, these automations can make a huge difference to the amount of Customer Service time required.


Many FTG manufacturers lose a lot of time dealing with wastage & damage in the form of Customer Support and admin.

Mezze can automate the handling of credit requests, up to a value per customer that you can define.

Requests above your threshold can be highlighted to a Customer Service agent so that they can be authorised or rejected, all through the Mezze platform.

Product tagging

Of course, all eCommerce platforms allow you to categorise and group products together But Mezze’s product tagging system is built with the FTG industry in mind. Mezze allows customers to remove products that contain allergens (e.g Peanuts, Diary) as well as only show products that match the dietary requirements selected (e.g Vegan, Vegetarian).

You can use our predefined list of common allergens and dietary requirements with industry-standard icons or create your own.

QC, Allergens, Traceability

For obvious reasons, Food Manufacturing has a lot of requirements in the areas of Safety and Quality. As a result, a lot of admin and paperwork is generated daily.

Mezze allows your customers to access documents, evidence and other information, all pulled from your ERP automatically. This is a big time saving for the Customer Service team and part of the suite of features that let your customers effectively ‘Self-Serve’

These are just six of the top features that help Food Manufacturers specifically to reduce their Customer Service burden. Get in touch with us to find out how Mezze can help you.

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