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  • Hugo Walker

Danone launches 'DanSkills' to upskill employees ahead of the skills revolution

Danone, the French food giant, has launched a training programme, DanSkills, setting a prime example of how a company can achieve business success through investing in people. With a focus on the rapid advancements in AI, Danone is keen to have its workforce leading the (digital) skills revolution.

The program's ambition is twofold: to elevate the skillset of its 100,000 employees for the future’s job landscape and to attract new talent. Danone pledges to dedicate 1 million training hours each year towards this initiative until 2030 — supported by a €100 million investment, and a state-of-the-art training facility established in Evian, Danone’s historic base.

The idea behind DanSkills comes from a recognition of the seismic shifts in the business world brought about by digital, environmental, and demographic changes. The company predicts that 2,500 new roles will need to be filled by 2027. 

Launched as a part of the new Social Pact by CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique in 2023, DanSkills reflects Danone’s commitment to nurturing both its business and its people. The program is holistic: offering all 100,000 Danone employees, across 55 countries where Danone operates, at any stage of their careers, opportunities for professional development.


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