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  • Hugo Walker

Whitby Seafoods maps environmental impact with new climate tech partnership

Whitby Seafoods has invested in technology to map out its climate impact. Its new partnership with CarbonCloud, a climate intelligence platform, will generate data for the national scampi supplier to understand and analyse its carbon footprint.

It is the first seafood product in the UK market to map out its carbon emissions in every stage of the production line, a vital step forward for sustainability in the seafood industry. With more data about the climate impact of its product comes the power for Whitby to make informed and impactful decisions about the business and its relationship to the environment.

Equally, obtaining more climate information means more transparency is possible for the consumer: climate impact is an increasingly important aspect of consumption decisions for the UK public - but without the full information, customers cannot always discern between the eco-friendly and the greenwashed.

Edward Whittle, the business development and climate change director, commented: "As the largest Scampi manufacturer in the UK, we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. As a local, family business, we are passionate about ensuring the highest quality at every production stage and contributing to our community. It is a natural next step for us to calculate and monitor our footprint on our climate - because we care and need to, in equal parts."

CarbonCloud founder and chief executive, David Bryngelsson, said: "Whitby Seafoods is setting the example for an industry with large climate opportunities. We are elated to support the UK's leading scampi brand in their commitment to climate transparency."

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